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Welcome to my website

I am a full stack web developer. I work with my clients to understand their website needs, design the website, and develop the site front to back. I’m your one stop shop. I am bilingual – speaking both tech and business. If you already have a development team, and need someone to facilitate communication, I can help out there also.


After college, I hoped to get a client server development position, and instead became a COBOL developer. What I quickly learned was that the fun part of technology for me was working out the puzzles. The actual technology was interesting, but the specific technology I used isn’t so important because it is all interesting and evolves constantly.

Over the years, I moved through the ranks of lead developer, systems manager, systems analyst, product & program manager, and product owner. Through all this, I was developing websites for my partners artistic ventures, and some just for fun. I was self-taught, learning what I needed to know as I needed it.

After my last stint in the corporate FTE world, I returned to school to get certified in web development and design. This venture is in progress. I’ve completed core requirements for web development, and will start my design classes in Fall of 2019. Getting formal education is enhancing my skills and helping me to be more efficient.

Today I am adept in developing interactive web pages with backend processes such as class registration. I work in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, POSTGRES, and more.

The myth of job stability

That said, job stability is a myth. Whether you work for yourself of someone else, the job market is fluid. And we are better off for it. My experience has taught me that the more I rotate through jobs and assignments, the more I learn, the better I think and the happier I am.